Who Benefits From TasteM8

Our goal is to bring you more customers at the time of day you are least busy. We help increase foot traffic, improve customer loyalty and create a larger customer base by giving you the exposure you need - in real time.

We offer discounts with a mission! Tastemate partners with various food charities dedicated to solving world hunger. We allow users to earn money and donate to our listed food charities. Not a food charity? No worries- any charity can sign up and fundraise with our Referral Program. More users, more earnings for you!

At TasteM8 we belive in the power of education! Raise money for your supplies, classroom expenses, or school events. All you have to do is sign up on TasteM8 and receive your unique referral code. Share your code with parents, faculty and neighbors to increase funds!

TasteM8 is a great platform for fundraising, for ANYTHING! From sport teams, to Greek life, to clubs, TasteM8 has got you covered! Have your members sign up and eat at discounted prices while helping your cause. The more people and restaurants you sign up, the more cash you can earn!

This app was created for the food lover in all of us. Eat at discounted prices while supporting local businesses, charities or your own personal needs.

Discover local food discounts when you want,
Earn cash when you share,
Support the community when you eat!
TasteM8, it's a win-win for everyone!!