During a trip to SoCal, Ali found himself wondering, “Where can I grab a quick bite to eat?” As he consulted with his Uber driver, he quickly realized that the suggestions are not exactly what he was looking for. Instead of an affordable restaurant, he found himself paying for a really expensive lunch. Thus, he began to brainstorm a solution that allows people to not only find great restaurants nearby, it also allows them to find the best deals as well.

However, that was only the beginning of the journey. The second part began in several corporate meetings. Ali noticed how larger charities were able to partner with large corporations to amplify their marketing efforts. That only allowed those charities to grow even larger. The smaller charities and local causes often are left behind. This especially resonated with Ali who often donated to local causes and charities instead of corporate charities. In that moment, TasteM8 was born.

TasteM8 is a unique platform that brings together local restaurants, charities, and organizations. It allows restaurants to customize their marketing campaigns based on their real time market conditions. When promotions are purchased or shared by users, charities and causes get automatic donations from the 12% that TasteM8 charges for the transaction. TasteM8 is a marketing partner for restaurants and charities, while customers experience dining out at great prices.


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