Blush Raw Bar + Lounge – Beautiful Interior And Quality Motivated Raw Dishes

Blush Raw Bar Lounge– 100 N Almaden Ave Ste 160, San Jose, CA 95110

Blush Raw Bar + Lounge has opened its doors to customers in the then newly designed San Pedro Square Market in the heart of downtown since 2012. Blush is a 100% raw restaurant with various raw dishes such as oysters, sushi, and poke bowls to name a few. It is the creation of Taylor Kim and Russ Fukushima who have been lifelong friends. For those with a bit of an adventurous side, Blush is a safe place to try new items.

Interior Design

Blush dining area by the bar.

Blush’s interior is modern and sleek, with white, tall, tables paired with beautiful, black cushioned chairs.  The chairs are raised a bit and serve more as stools. The tables are complimented  with clean, simple, white plates to bring a refreshing, modern, and hip feel to the dining area by the bar. At the bar you can find Blush’s namesake cocktails often times referred by regulars as Blushies. The conservative lighting in the lounge area gives the spot a prime nightlife destination feel to it. Lit by simple dangling lamps, the area is not too bright, granting guests a feeling of privacy in the very live environment San Pedro Square Market can often times hold.


Daniel, one of the attentive managers at Blush, shared with us his personal favorite: The Island Roll! The Island Roll is meticulously composed with Salmon poke, macadamia nuts, mango, avocado, wakame and onion. Daniel says that he personally enjoys the Island Roll for it’s balance in taste. With all the attention to detail that already goes on when orchestrating this delicious dish, the beautiful, simple presentation is the cherry on the top.  With beautiful dishes to seal the deal, Blush is an exciting destination for all those with curious tastebuds.

The perfect time to try these new delicacies with friends is during Blush’s Happy Hour! With $5 Appetizers, $1.25 Oysters, and $3 Draft Beers the Happy Hour at Blush is sure to leave your taste buds and your wallet with a satisfying experience.

Mon – Fri 3pm – 6pm

Sun – Wed 9pm – 11pm

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