How to boost your restaurant’s foot traffic!


  1. Happy Hour In Your Restaurant This marketing term works in most of the restaurants. Happy hours will help you to increase sales during your slower part of the day. For instance, during the time from 3 pm to 5 pm when your restaurant seems to be empty, keeping a happy hour menu with your customers’ favorite cocktails will work wonders.  Happy Hour is one of the best ways to make encourage customers to come in during these times and increases overall profit of the business. Happy Hour can help you with various factors:
    1. It increases the sales of food and drinks in a restaurant
    2. It encourages the customers to visit the restaurant more often
    3. It builds your brand identity
    4. Attracts first time visiting customers to your restaurants
    5. Attracts customers during the odd times or days when the restaurant expects least business

In order to create an awesome Happy Hour menu, you must know your customers well. Do your customers tend to come in groups or individually? How big are the groups? Do you have a lot of businesses nearby that enjoy team outings? Knowing your customers and potential customers will provide insight on which entrees to add to your menu. If your customers tend to come in groups, provide plenty of shareable dishes on your menus such as finger foods and pitchers of drinks. If your customers tend to come in smaller parties, then provide plenty of entrees and cocktails to choose from. Although a satisfying Happy Hour menu can be as little as only 10 items, be sure to include some crowd favorites amongst the choices as well.      

Last but not the least, here are a few tips for a successful Happy Hour:

1. Include easily cooked meals, dishes, and drinks in your happy hour

2. Pricing is everything. Your happy hour prices should be discounted enough to entice customers to come in, but not so low that it negatively affects your restaurant’s overall revenue.

3. Keep your promotional message very clear. There shouldn’t be any misunderstanding over what the restaurant is serving. One way to provide this is to create a separate Happy Hour menu that is detached from the original.  

4. Lastly, customers come to Happy Hour to enjoy themselves! Fun entertainment and an energetic staff will sure to keep your customers coming back to you (along with their friends)


2. Use sports theme to attract customers – Sports bars have the potential to reach a different clientele each season. There are a number of matches each day! Give customers a reason to come to your restaurant. Maintain a constant schedule of events that will keep customers coming in, and keep your usual crowd coming back to see what’s new.

Another thing that works during the sports hours is Trivia nights which are always fun for guests. Divide the crowd into various groups to support their teams. Keep a small gift card for the winning team. Make sure you keep the crowd lively and full of cheer. During a sports event sponsor something, like Jersey’s or tees, or discounted snacks.


3. Loyalty Programs– The best customers want to be recognized for being a great customer. While good food and great service get your customers to come back a second time, there are plenty of other restaurants that they can choose from also. A tried and true way to maintain customer loyalty is by spending some time to get to know a little about your returning customers. It is human nature for someone to feel special. The easiest way turn a returning customer to a loyal one is by remembering their name or a fact about them. A small act like this will make your customer’s experience much more personable.

Another way to reward returning customers is by rewarding them for their loyalty. Whether it’s a small treat at the end of their meal, or a special sneak peeks of a new menu item, the small token of appreciation will reap rewards for you in return.

Today, restaurant marketing programs are finding innovative ways to make it easier for restaurants to reward their customers. TasteM8, a marketing platform for restaurants, has a built-in feature for restaurants to provide special discounts for their returning customers. Others may use programs that allow customers to earn a free drink after a number of visits, or a free pastry for birthdays.


  1. Use online social networks – Social Media attracts a lot of users who are unaware about a restaurant or a particular food. You can encourage your promotions, offers, menu, drinks etc on social media. Social media works best during food, fundraising, and charity events.
  1. People Eat with their Eyes First – Enter the world of food photography on Instagram and get clicking. Instagram is one such social media platform which has the maximum potential to reach your end users. Share some high-quality and drool-inducing photos in your social media feed. It’s the best way to advertise your delicious cuisine for a low cost. Don’t miss out using a maximum number of hashtags, the more the hashtags the better is the post reach.
  2. Engage your users on social media – Be it any platform, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, keep engaging your brand with users. This is possible to share engaging and interactive posts on social media. It’s also very important to organize contests where users engage themselves unless you keep a merchandise element for them or a gift voucher. This might increase the number of audiences on your page and also it will increase the engagement rate on social media.  
  3. Geo-Targeted ads – Geo-targeted ads are cost saving ads which are only targeted to your niche audiences. It helps for an adverse reach of your campaign or a page.
  4. Set up your Google+ account – Setting up your Google+ account is as important as setting up your other social media accounts. 

1. When you search a business within Google, Google’s Knowledge Graph provides the business’s details in the sidebar to search for your business. This makes your business visible to more people.

2. Google gathers a larger chunk of information from Google+, so whenever you’re uploading anything about your restaurant it appears in your google search.

3. Encourage your audiences to review the Google+ as Knowledge Graph loves to aggregate Google user reviews.