Burrito Lovers Take a Bite Out of California Wet Burrito

California Wet Burrito

The Evolution of the California Burrito

After training in multiple kitchens across the country, Rafael opens his first restaurant in Newark, La Huasteca Chiquita. Here, the evolution of the California Wet Burrito gets its start. It all began when a customer at La Huasteca put in a request for french fries instead of rice and beans in his burrito. From there, the California Burrito’s popularity continues to grow in the Bay Area. As customers flock to La Huasteca to try this new recipe, the California Burrito quickly gains status as a staple menu item. Further, Rafael adds “Campechano,” a savory combination of chorizo and steak, and refried beans to complete his creation.

How the California Burrito Became a California Wet Burrito

As a chef with an extensive background in different types of cuisines, Rafael continues to push the envelope in his recipes. This sets the stage for the transformation of the California Burrito into a brand new concept. The secret ingredient to Rafael’s magnificent burritos? His house made, cooked to order salsas!

Each salsa comes from Rafael’s traditional family recipes along with influences from his previous restaurant. At California Wet Burrito, there is a salsa for every taste. For instance, the 911 sauce is a mix of spicy avocado and jalapeno that perfectly represents California-Mexican flavors. For garlic lovers, the Diablo is best with its garlicky heat-packed salsa flavor, while the mild Enchilada packs a lot of flavor without the heat. Finally, the Chipotle salsa has a wonderfully-smoky flavor from chipotle peppers.

California Wet Burrito

Other Mouthwatering Dishes

Though not a burrito in any shape or form, a hidden gem on Rafael’s menu are the “Holy Cow” nacho fries. For this dish, Rafael piles on cheddar and jack cheese, carne asada, pico, and sour cream. Then, he bakes the whole thing to create a beautifully cheese-pull worthy plate of nacho fries! Besides his famous California Wet Burritos, the Holy Cow is a must-try fan favorite.

The California ‘Wet’ Burrito is the inspiration for the name of Rafael’s restaurant, California Wet Burrito. Being so close to San Jose State, California Wet Burrito is one of the best places for students and burrito lovers. Here, they’ll find authentic Mexican flavors with a California spin. Check out California Wet Burrito on TasteM8 today for exclusive promotions!

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