What can ‘lights’ do to your restaurants!

A restaurant or a dining, the customer always comes first. While glancing at a few restaurant reviewing sites, I quickly noticed that the customers comment on a dining atmosphere and decor almost as much as they do about the food and the service. There are so many different elements that determine a restaurant’s ambience, and one of the most important of which is lighting. In the other part lighting is also one of the most underestimated design elements which have the greatest impact on customers’ dining experience. So, here’s why lighting is important?

Sets the perfect Mood! – In small or big restaurants, ambience is equally important as food and service. One such way to achieve this setting is to set the mood through lighting. Consider investing in dimmer fittings of lightings to easily adjust the brightness in your restaurant. Of course, creating the right atmosphere depends on more than just lighting — think music and design.

Increases sales! And How?Whether it is highlighting desserts, making liquor bottles shine, or advertising soft drinks, great lightings can make everything look more appealing to customers. Similar to how lighting can set the mood, lighting can also increase restaurant sales. By properly setting the mood, lights influence customers to enjoy a lengthy dining experience, which will hopefully lead to a larger order, too. The longer customers spend time in the restaurant, the more likely they are to spend more money.

          Quick Tip – For greater effect, lighting should be placed in areas where it can dramatically accentuate bar and food items.

Enhances the appearance of food -Your restaurant’s team has worked hard to arrange the food items in the most presentable way possible, to complement it with the right lighting! Because If the eye eats before the mouth, a restaurant must make its food appear appetizing. Make sure that their light fixtures are placed to shine enough light on customers’ dishes so that the food appears appealing. If food is at the core of the dining experience, then restaurateurs should make sure that it is highlighted at tables.

Fixing the right types of lights are essential for a restaurant success because they help restaurants establish the right atmosphere, highlight food, mark restaurant sections, improve kitchen performance, generate sales, and maintain safety and security. A restaurant cannot be successful without serving great food, but if it does not provide good lighting, its prospects for success are limited because the food might be tasting on the top of the world but it failed at presentation. It is therefore important that restaurateurs consider and prepare thoroughly before installing light fixtures.

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