Charlies Cheesecake Works – A San Jose, CA Local Spot

Charlies Cheesecake Poppers

Charlie’s Cheesecake Works is going on its 16th year of serving tremendous cheesecakes to the Almaden Valley area of San Jose, CA. At Charlie’s, cheesecake fanatics can find the cheesecake of their dreams. Here, each cheesecake comes in different flavors, sizes, and styles. Every sweet treat here is made with All Natural Real California Cream Cheese, fresh fruits, and the finest chocolate and vanilla. Only the best comes out of the ovens at Charlies Cheesecake Works!

When customers come to Charlie’s Cheesecake Works, their favorite item to get are the Cheesecake Poppers. Think of your favorite cheesecake in mini, bite-size forms that fits into the palm of your hand! In addition, each pack comes with up to 6 different flavors, including Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Key Lime, Blueberry, and Chocolate. Enjoying these Poppers is like eating a buffet of different cheesecakes without the guilt, since each takes one or two bites to enjoy. Be the life of a potluck party and pick up packs of 6, 12, 36, or 105. 

Every cheesecake from Charlie’s Cheesecake Works pack a punch of flavor without being overwhelming. Charlie does an incredible job of walking the fine line between flavorful and sweetness. These are perfect for those with major sweet tooth and also for those who enjoy something more subtly sweet. In addition, the freshness of the fruits and the quality of the ingredients are apparent in every bite!

Only the Best for San Jose Locals at Charlies Cheesecake Works

As a long-time business resident of the Bay Area, Charlie’s built quite the fan base. Customers return to Charlie’s Cheesecake Works time and time again not just for his amazing cheesecakes, but for his hospitality. Step into his storefront and customers can expect a free sample, warm smile, and good conversation. With every visit to Charlie’s Cheesecakes, customers will step out feeling a bit brighter than before.

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Charlies Cheesecake Works
1179 Redmond Ave,
San Jose CA 95120
(408) 268-4555

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