Chiaramontes Sausage & Deli – Serving Italian Favorites since 1908

A Genuine Italian Deli that Withstands the Test of Time

As a family business in its 6th generation, Chiaramontes Sausage & Deli knows a thing or two about Italian meats. This Italian meat market & deli is a downtown San Jose native, entering its 110th year of business!

Chiaramonte’s has been in the same location since 1908, but its success lies in its ability to change with the times. From the original meat market, the store evolved over time to become the Italian meat market & deli we have today. By maintaining their store to compliment rather than compete with their new ‘Big Box Store’ neighbors, they’re able to provide future generations a go-to spot for incredible pastas, sandwiches, and sausages.

A Taste of Italy & Spain

Chiaramonte’s is famous for their Italian sausages made with high-quality ingredients. Their meats contain no trimmings and are naturally low in fat. As 4th generation owner, Lou, puts it, “[His food] doesn’t have the ‘repeat-effect,’” of tasting the food again after 2 hours of consumption.

With four flavors ranging from traditional (mild) to extra hot, Chiaramonte’s has a sausage flavor that everyone can savor. Lou recommends enjoying the sausage on a traditional white roll with marinara sauce and peppers to bring out the most of its natural flavors and seasonings.

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Additionally, Lou Chiaramonte is inspired by not only his Italian heritage, but his Spanish heritage as well. So, the addition of chorizo to the famous menu elevates the deli to the next level. Compared to fresh chorizo, Lou’s Dry Cured Chorizo’s flavor is more concentrated and buttery because of its preparation. Customers can enjoy the Authentic Dry Cured Spanish Chorizo in many different ways. But, one of the best is to eat it with a white roll, lettuce, and tomatoes. In addition, he also has a fresh chorizo for those who prefer that as well! The fresh chorizo is a house recipe and is one of his most popular items.

Lou’s Commitment to Community

Chiaramonte’s success is evident in the restaurant’s 110 year old history. Lou’s experiences in the community allows him to connect with past generations as well as new customers. He has the pleasure of experiencing how the Bay Area changes over the years but also remain the same in many ways as well. More impressively, he’s able to experience his 85-year old customers come into his shop to order the same items they bought over 60 years ago.

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Chiaramontes Sausage & Deli

609 N 13th St.

San Jose, CA

Co-authored by Sam Baker

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