Coffee Shop Meets Creativity at Coffee Stop in San Jose, CA

Coffee Stop's Drinks and Bites in San Jose

Coffee Stop brings fun, creative concoctions to San Jose’s Willow Glen area. Current owner, Curtis Hansen lets his imagination and creativity run wild as he comes up with his monthly coffee, shake, tea, and smoothie specials to give locals his unique take on the typical coffee shop. Much of his inspiration comes from his previous experiences in the food and drink industry, along with his childhood favorites from the East Coast. Here, customers will find thoughtful food, drinks,and treats unlike any other in San Jose.

San Jose’s Only Organic Coffee Shop

At Coffee Stop, Curtis believes “coffee is all about energy and having fun.” This is the premise for all of his coffee based specialty drinks, such as the Caramel Macchiato that’s loaded with sweet caramel ribbons. Here, the Coffee Specials change monthly to satisfy even the most adventurous of coffee lovers.

Coffee Stop also prides itself in being the only organic coffee shop in the area. Every coffee bean in the store is organic and in season. This allows the Willow Glen coffee shop to serve only the best of the best coffee to their customers. Talk about the highest quality, best tasting Caramel Macchiato ever!

Coffee Stop's Red Bull Smoothies are like your morning java

Get the Fuel without the Coffee at Coffee Stop

In addition to Coffee Stop’s coffee drinks, they have plenty of non-coffee options that allow customers to get the energy they need without the coffee. A local favorite amongst non-coffee drinkers are the Red Bull Smoothies. Red Bull Smoothies are made with Red Bull, ice, and your favorite flavor mix-in. Interestingly, some flavors do not have the Red Bull taste at all. Coffee Stop regulars claim the Red Bull Smoothie to be “like your morning Java!” This frozen drink is the perfect way to get a boost of energy during those warm, summer mornings.

Furthermore, customers can choose to fuel up with one of Coffee Stop’s incredible fruit smoothies. Customers can choose from clever smoothies such as Beet to the Punch, Mother of Dragon Fruit Smoothie, Pure Fuel, and specials that change every month. Every smoothie contains whole, organic fruits (yes, even the banana peel) for all of the nutrients to power through the day. Then, add an additional boost for the ultimate healthy drink!

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Coffee Stop's Coney Island Hot Dogs in San Jose, CA

At Coffee Stop, “Coffee is All About Energy and Having Fun”

Coffee Stop is a family-owned business that is staple for locals and visitors in Willow Glen, San Jose. Here, everyone can find just what they’re looking for, whether it be a delicious bite or an energizing drink. Regulars at Coffee Stop can always expect to find something they will love and something adventurous to try each time they visit! With Coffee Stop’s thoughtfulness towards their recipes and their ingredients, customers know they’re getting the best of the best.

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