Good Food is calling you at the Bar Bay Grill!

If you are tired of the “uuge,” then the Bar Bay Grill is for you.  There are plenty of obvious and popular choices on the menu but for a little adventure you can try any one of a number of the ocean’s offerings. No wonder Bar Bay Grill is always surrounded by food lovers and is one of the best places to hang out with your friends. And don’t worry if you can’t recognize some of the dishes, the staff is friendly and well acquainted with the ingredients of every dish.  But Bay Bar Grill must be doing something right, they have now expanded from Union City to its second location in San Jose.

With a full bar, Bay Bar Grill is also a Warrior’s game heaven full of energy and excitement.  Recommend you go there with friends and sit at the horseshoe bar.  The San Jose location is located right on Saratoga Ave. and Keily Blvd. so it’s easy to make it a frequent hangout even on weeknights.

Not to miss:

  1. Try the Yakitori and any of the Asian Fusion dishes.  
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday nights the Oysters are half off!!
  3. If the Warriors win, you get 50% off your alcohol!!


Here is what people have to say:

  1. Good food and awesome sports bar.  I loved all the food that we ended up ordering.I would definitely recommend this spot to watch sport games with your friends.  Anna L.
  2. Good eats, even better service (ask for David or Casey) and a fun environment. BBG’s quickly become one of my go-to’s when I’m tryna have a fun night but don’t want to journey too far from home. This place clearly caters to the younger crowd (contemporary decor/dim lighting, super loud EDM, sports memorabilia etc.) but every time I’ve been in, the place is full of customers of all ages. – Alyson A.
  3. Bar Bay Grill is one of the most perfect bars to have a good time with your friends. They have great deals at night, as well as, during Warriors games. During Warriors games, the deal is that if the Warriors win, then all drinks are 50% off… unless they lose then you have to pay full price, but that’s not happening so you’re safe. 🙂 – Nishi S.

Seems like this place has a lot to look up to. There’s variety of food, lots of appetizers and good music.  It that’s not enough, you can grab your meals with the best deals. Just download the TasteM8 App from the App Store and get going!