Hacks to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Restaurant

Is your restaurant doing everything to make sure the customers have a positive experience and leave happy? Customer satisfaction is the key to success for every restaurateur and their brands apart from sales. We are getting you a few hacks by which you can attract your customers to your restaurants.   

Make your customers feel important – To keep customers happy, it’s important to be consistent in providing quality services. Be attentive; Listen to the customer’s feedback and take notes to make sure you understand what your customer wants. Let them talk first and then politely answer them. Even if you’re busy with other customers, least you can do is give a signal that you are there for them. Customers are bound to return to a restaurant where they are treated nicely. Treat them like your friends, share a few tips and secrets about the restaurant. Once you give them a “Wow, I didn’t know that” feeling, you will get a new customer for a lifetime.  

Keep Wine Tasting for customers – Customers love free things, especially food and wine tasting. This can be the thing they’ll never forget! Wine tasting is a great way to get extra business into your restaurant during slower seasons. Wine tasting is a good chance to showcase new foods and bring in new customers at the restaurant. Also, it is an excellent way to increase your reputation as quality restaurant although attention should be paid that customers are not given too much wine. Wine tastings are especially popular and it will always be fruitful, because people love good wine and good food, especially when they come together.

Continue to Satisfy – Do everything in your power to provide excellent service to your customers on an ongoing basis. Respond quickly and enthusiastically, and be ready to present a special offer or discount with the hope of upselling the customer to buy more.

Offer Free Wifi – Let it be a small cafe, pub or a big restaurant, customers will always be attracted to free internet! The businesses and companies of today are rushing to meet the demand of offering free WiFi to the customers. Nowadays most of the restaurants offer free Wifi. Offering free Wifi can gain customer loyalty and increase of sales and marketing. It helps you to attract more customers for the small or big businesses. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to brand your network with a custom WiFi network name.

Musical Nights –  You can experiment with karaoke, live music, DJ or theme nights and give a variety of musical entertainment to your customers. good live music entices your customers to stay longer and spend more money on drinks and food.  

Follow Up on Promises – Your word is your bond with customers. Following up on your promises helps show the transparency of your business while helping to build a feeling of trust and dependability with your customers. Manage and know the expectations of your customers and work towards bringing them to actions to ensure realistic goals are set and can be met.   

Use Phases to impress your customers

“Thank you for your patience.”

“Let me make sure I understand the problem correctly.”

“Let me find out for you.”

“I can see what went wrong. Let’s fix that right away.”

“I can’t fix that for you, but here’s what I can do.”

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