The Halal Guys Norcal- From Food Truck to Franchise

The Halal Guys Norcal

The Halal Guys’ success comes from humble beginnings on a street corner of New York City. What initially started as a hotdog stand soon became America’s hottest halal restaurant chain!

When the three founding partners opened up their first stand in 1900, they recognized a growing demand for fast halal food from the growing population of Muslim taxi drivers. From that point on, they focused on transforming their hot dog stand into the restaurant we know today.

Good Food Right In Our Neighborhood

Perhaps their success comes not only from their quick serving halal food, but also the tastiness too! Fans of The Halal Guys no longer need to travel to New York to try their delicious food. They have locations all across the country, including one right here in San Jose.

The Halal Guys Norcal sits right in the hustle & bustle of The Plant shopping plaza in South Side San Jose. Although this is just one of their many locations, it still comes with their famously long line of hungry anxiously waiting to try their food.

The Chipotle of Halal Food

Their menu satisfies meat eaters and vegetarians alike, with choices such as chicken, beef gyro, combo, and falafel. The ordering system is similar to that of Chipotle, where you choose your main entree and toppings as you go down the line. If you’ve never gone to Halal Guys before, your experience may look a little something like this:

Step 1: Enter the Halal Guys line

Step 2: Choose between having your food in a sandwich or platter

Step 3: Choose your protein

Step 4: Select your toppings from a selection of rice, veggies, and sauces

Step 5: Finish your order with any additional sides and a drink

Step 6: Ask for extra Hot Sauce and White Sauce

Simple enough, right?

Sauce It Up!

Although there are many Halal restaurants in the area, this restaurant chain prides itself in being “different” from the rest. One differentiating feature of this restaurant is the speedy way of ordering and getting your food quickly. Interestingly, this ordering method originates from their roots of serving busy taxi drivers in New York City! It’s not fast food, but rather food-fast.

In addition, The Halal Guys’ famous white sauce can only be found at The Halal Guys restaurants. This proprietary sauce tastes similar to a creamy light ranch with a touch of garlic. While some like to enjoy a modest amount with their food, many love to cover their entire dish! A pro tip for this would be to ask for some white sauce in your food and ask for extra packets of white sauce in case you want more.

Both platters and sandwiches will offer you servings from every food group, from the flavorful meats to their fresh veggies! Your carbs will come from the heaping serving of rice and pita bread, while your fats will come from their white sauce. Overall, if you’re looking for a quick, filling meal, The Halal Guys is the way to go!

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The Halal Guys Norcal

81 Curtner Ave #20 

San Jose , CA 95125

MONDAY – SUNDAY 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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