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If you’re constantly feeling down or tired, your body may be lacking the proper nutrients it needs to power you through the day. One way to ensure proper nutrition is by treating your body to a healthy dose of fruits and veggies! Juice Alize is a cold-pressed juicery that produces juices that revitalize and energize your mind, body, and soul.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Before hitting the stores, most juices go through pasteurization, a heating process that kills harmful bacteria found in liquids such as milk and juice. This process reduces transmissions of diseases. However, pasteurization also eliminates many beneficial enzymes and vitamins as well.

Juice Alize uses the healthier cold-press method of producing juice. A cold press juicer extracts the juices from fruits and veggies using a hydraulic press.  This process produces 5 times more juice than other juicers. It also retains more vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals than other methods. This is what sets aside Juice Alize from the other juice places. They are truly organic and are passionate about the juices they serve to their consumers.

Feel Great Inside and Out

An all time favorite juice from Juice Alize is the I Am Super. Not only does the juice include a captivating message, it’s also incredibly delicious! The ingredients include five different vegetables packed into one bottle but tastes more like your favorite fruit juice. In addition, Juice Alize uses other super-food ingredients in their products as well, including turmeric, beets, and kale.

Juice Alize sells each of their juices for $8.50. Each bottle also comes with a special message to motivate you throughout your day. You can find special promotions for Juice Alize and other amazing places on the TasteM8 app!

Juice Alize in San joseJuice Alize Downtown

Juice Alize is located in 153 W Santa Clara St. San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-771-3530

Email: I[email protected]

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