Mudai Ethiopian Restuarant – Literally Right At Your Fingertips!

The Gist of It: Come to Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant in San Jose, CA if you want to experience authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Each dish is packed with spicy, smoky, and earthy flavors that are unique to African cuisine. Expect great service, incredible food, and to enjoy your meal with injera bread!

Must Haves: Meat combo, veggie combo, Tej (Honey wine)

Good For: A casual lunch or dinner with friends and family

Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant

Along San Carlos St. in San Jose, CA, you’ll find plenty of unique “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants. Don’t let the fading wall paint fool you, these are the restaurants to look out for if you want the best authentic ethnic cuisine.

Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant in San Jose, CA is a resident of this quirky area of San Carlos St. Just like its exterior, the interior has minimal decor. However, this allows the focus to be on what really matters – the food.

Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant Combo

A Perfect Melody of Spices

As you look through the menu, you can expect every dish to have a beautiful melody of traditional Ethiopian spices. These flavors include a mix of heat, smoky, and earthy flavors that are unique to African cuisine. What’s wonderful about Mudai’s food is how each balances out the other. Oftentimes, the salad that comes with each entree does well in balancing out the heat from the more flavorful dishes.

If you’re new to Ethiopian food, Mudai’s combos are the best ways to try a little bit of everything. You can choose from a meat or veggie combo, or both! The meat combo comes with two types of lamb stew, chicken, and a steak entree.

Similarly, the veggie combo features a variety of cabbage, lentils, collard greens, and others. Be sure to bring some company with you because their portion sizes are definitely a feat for two or more.

Food at your Fingertips

However, an Ethiopian meal is never complete without a basket of injera. The injera bread serves as a pairing to your entrees as well as your eating utensil. To eat, just rip a piece of injera bread and pick up your food! You’ll find that the bread compliments your food quite well.

Injera bread is soft, spongy, and tastes similar to sourdough. It’s served fresh to your dinner table for you to enjoy with your food. Unlike your typical dinner bread, injera is made of teff flour. Interestingly, it is a national food in the Horn of African region consisting of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia.

Tej (Honey Wine) from Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant

Overall, come to Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant with an open mind to try incredibly flavorful dishes that are unlike any other. The food, flavors, and experiences you will have at Mudai is truly authentic to Ethiopian culture. Be sure to pair your meal with a glass of refreshing, golden Honey Wine as well!

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