Restaurant ASA is the New Dining Hot-Spot in Los Altos, CA

Restaurant ASA Los Altos

As you stroll down the blocks of Downtown Los Altos, you’ll find yourself in an storybook world. The streets of this small town has endless trees, cute boutiques, and incredible restaurants. Many restaurants have come and gone in this part of town, particularly those who try to compete against the popular Los Altos Bar and Grill. However, a new promising competitor has come to town to try to take the crown of new town favorite for fine dining.

Thought in every trendy detail

Restaurant ASA Los AltosAs you walk into Restaurant ASA and you’ll immediately notice the lively atmosphere. On the far end of the restaurant, there is a full bar where skilled bartenders craft up the best cocktails in town. Then, as you peer into the glass wall behind the bar, and you’ll find flames come up from stove tops as chefs cook up the entrees.

Restaurant ASA’s menu consists of a variety of seafood, steak, duck, and chicken. While the serving sizes are small, the dishes are full of flavor. In the spirit of fine dining, the chefs of Restaurant ASA use the only the best ingredients to prepare their dishes. These ingredients include saffron, extra virgin olive oil, and wild-caught seafood. They take simple dishes such as a mushroom pasta and add a unique flare by using exotic mushrooms and homemade pasta.

Packed for Dinner

What distinguishes this trendy restaurant apart from the rest in Downtown Los Altos is the service. The staff makes the atmosphere incredibly welcoming. Even the owner of the restaurant stops by every table to personally greet his customers! They also take utmost care in their food presentation as well, from their edible flowers and trendy cocktails to their main entrees.

Restaurant ASA is well worth a trip to Los Altos. The overall dining experience makes it a great place to spend an evening out and the food is excellent. With an establishment like this, no wonder you need a reservation in advance!

Restaurant ASA is in Downtown Los Altos and is open for dinner Monday – Saturday at 5pm.

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