Your Next Brunch Spot: Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe feels like a little slice of home nestled in the middle of cozy Downtown Los Altos. A local go-to for all things breakfast, lunch, and brunch, Rick’s serves up high-quality flavors and neighborhood favorites. As a  true testament to what Rick’s Café is really about, the restaurant roasts their own coffee in-house. They’re committed to serving 100% organic coffee to its customers to enjoy!

Sweet & Cheesy

Next time you find yourself in Los Altos, pop into this popular establishment to indulge in their Cheese Blintz Berry. These light and fluffy crepes are filled with an amazingly tasty soft cheese at the center. The cheese filling has a light, fluffy whipped cream-like texture that tastes similar to cheesecake. Topped with a sweet raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, the Cheese Blintz Berry is quite the treat! It perfectly balances the tangy cheese taste with a pleasant fruit flourish ideal for any breakfast or delectable brunch option.

A Weekly Treasure

The weekly special, Salmon Salad Nicoise is served Monday through Friday. It features a full fillet of salmon on top of a classic nicoise salad. The classic dish is comprised of spring mix, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, and crispy potatoes. Then, the salad is drizzled with a special dijon mustard vinaigrette. The Salmon Salad Nicoise is the perfect dish for someone wanting to experience the comfort of Rick’s Cafe.

Unique Dishes at Rick’s Cafe

The Monte Cristo is a rare dish that is often not found in many restaurants. It is difficult to master the combination of sweet and salty in the Monte Cristo, but Rick’s Café manages to do so effortlessly. This double-decker sandwich stuns with three slices of thick Texas toast, delicious ham, savory turkey, and gooey jack cheese. The Monte Cristo is then finished with a decadent maple syrup drizzle.

Rick’s Café is worth going out of your way for in order to experience the excellent quality of the breakfast, brunch, and lunch options that are offered. Eating at Rick’s Café is truly a treat– come in and see for yourself!

Co-authored by Samantha Baker

Cathy Vu

Cathy is a lifelong resident of Bay Area, CA and a serial FOODIE. She loves going out to eat and discovering all the delicious dishes the world has to offer. With her love of food, she also enjoys sharing about the places she visits as well! Check out her food journey through the TasteM8 blog and the many yummy pictures on TasteM8's Instagram.