How to Rock Your Restaurant’s Grand Opening

Finally, the day is here! It’s time for you to show off your hard work to the anticipating public and put your passion for food in the spotlight. You and your staff are ready and armed to take on those hungry customers! A restaurant’s grand-opening event is the optimal opportunity to build up major buzz about the “hot new place” in town. Without further adieu, here’s how massive balloons, exclusive grand-opening promotions, and live entertainment will help you rock it on your big day.

Balloons Create F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out)

The key here is to draw customer’s eyes, and hungry bellies, to your restaurant with displays and colorful designs. In addition to the obligatory grand opening banner, balloons are one of the best ways to signal to customers that there is a big event happening at your restaurant. Who doesn’t love a good party? Think about elevating your balloon game to the next level and make the public go “Woooww!” One page that is major #balloongoals is Zim Balloons, who specializes in creating balloon masterpieces. Remember, the goal is to make people feel a bit of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) on your spectacular event.

Restaurant Grand Opening Promotions Too Good To Pass Up

Grand opening promotions create incentives for customers to stop by on your big day. These promotions must be special, limited time promotions. The key is to provide an incentive that is too good to pass up. Some of the “big day” promotions could include the following: buy 1 get one free entree, free drinks, share and tag your restaurant on social media for 30% off your next visit, and many more! To continue to build excitement for your restaurant, offer smaller promotions for the next two to three weeks after your restaurant’s kick off. For instance, you could offer 20% off your entire meal, a free appetizer with every order, or half off drinks. Create deals to get customers in the door and eating your delicious food.

Rockin’ Beats and Delicious Bites for Customers to Enjoy

What kind of celebration doesn’t have awesome beats to go along with it? Music and food both have a way of bringing people together, so hire a local DJ or band to play as guests enjoy their food. Great music has a way of setting the mood of any event and can contribute to the lasting impression your event will have on customers.

TasteM8 knows all the time and effort that goes into starting a restaurant and hosting a grand opening, but by following these tips, your restaurant will be the “Hot Buzz” of the neighborhood for months to come!