Discover New Restaurants in San Jose, CA and Earn Cash With the TasteM8 App

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TasteM8 is a revolutionary platform for food adventurers, happy hour goers, and anyone looking for an interesting local spot to eat. On the TasteM8 app, you can view and search all the live promotions available to you in San Jose, CA right now! Restaurants use TasteM8 to give customers a first hand look on daily specials, half price appetizers, and more. Once you purchase your deal through TasteM8’s app, go in to the restaurant to redeem your promotion. Just remember to redeem before the promotion’s expiration time! You don’t want to miss out on getting a good deal with a delicious meal. 

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Best of all, TasteM8 is the only app that gives you the potential to earn some major cash! In TasteM8’s app, each user is given a unique referral code. When a friend you shared your referral code with purchases a promotion through TasteM8, you get a piece of the profits in cold-hard cash. Once you earn enough money, we’ll send you  a (big fat) check right to your mailbox! This is unlike other apps that only give you credit to use towards their own products. Additionally, TasteM8 ensures that you keep earning cash everytime someone you referred purchases a promotion! The more you share the more you can earn through TasteM8.

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Try New Dishes and Explore San Jose, CA

Not only do will you be able to earn some extra cash by getting your friends to use TasteM8, you’ll also be supporting local businesses. Local restaurants are truly the heart of every community, and by using TasteM8, you can explore all the neighborhood restaurants that make your community great. TasteM8 offers a multitude of local cuisine throughout San Jose and the South Bay Area that can become your new go-to spot for drinks after work or your new favorite place for ice cream.

Download the TasteM8 app today on the App Store or Google Play Store and get your grub on!