What It Takes To Be A ‘True Foodie’

Foodie Myth:

A foodie has the means to go out to eat all the time and eats only the trendiest cuisines. A foodie also considers themselves a ‘food expert’ and bestows their knowledge in the form of meticulous blog posts and online reviews.

Foodie Truth:

Anybody who loves eating delicious food, whether at a restaurant or homemade is a foodie! Does eating yummy food make you happy? Is passion and love the main ingredient in all your dishes? If the answer is yes to either one of these, then you Sir/Ma’am/Person are a foodie.

Here at TasteM8, we seek to connect the foodie in all of us with local places that offer tasty bites. We believe good food is in the busiest of downtown areas and hidden in the corners of our neighborhoods. By encouraging each other to discover local places, try new flavors, or reminisce our favorite childhood dishes, everyone can can become true foodie!

About a week ago, we went around town asking people, “How would you define a foodie?” Many of the responses we received mentioned trendy foods, hot new restaurants, exclusive dining experiences, and lavish lifestyles. They also mentioned meticulous social media posts and elite reviewers. It’s as though being a foodie is exclusive those who not only can splurge on going out to eat, but also have the spare time to write about it as well. So, it is no surprise that most people do not consider themselves a foodie.

However, the conception of exclusivity is far from what we believe a true ‘foodie’ is. The truth is, anybody can be a foodie. A true foodie is simply a person who is passionate about all the delicious things that the world has to offer. There are foodies who stretch their palate or prefer the good ol’ traditional. Nevertheless, with utensils in hand, they love digging into something delicious.

Similarly, any type of food or restaurant is considered a foodie-worthy food, as long as love and passion is the main ingredient in every dish. This includes anything from a homemade dinner to the trendiest cuisine. So, whether you are a professional chef, amateur chef, or just a person who loves to eat, as long as good food makes you happy, you are a true foodie.

Cathy Vu

Cathy is a lifelong resident of Bay Area, CA and a serial FOODIE. She loves going out to eat and discovering all the delicious dishes the world has to offer. With her love of food, she also enjoys sharing about the places she visits as well! Check out her food journey through the TasteM8 blog and the many yummy pictures on TasteM8's Instagram.